Dr Curt is an amazing healer. I hadn't slept well in months due to lower back pain and after my initial visit I started to sleep through the night again. I was also losing flexibility and strength and he worked with me to get that back. Dr Curt is very knowledgeable about the entire body and how it works as a system. He listened well to my chief complaints and even identified other issues in my body that were contributing to pain and weakness. I highly recommend Dr Curt! I am enjoying lasting results.

Jessica C.

I have been seeing chiropractors since I was 14 years old in various parts of the country and I can honestly say that Dr. Curt is one of the best. He's got great energy, is very warm and friendly and I always feel better after a treatment. When my neck stiffness wouldn't go away he recommended x-rays and called me on a Friday after work to give me the results. That's really uncommon with health professionals but Dr. Curt goes above and beyond to get me well. Making appointments is also very easy!

Serena S.

My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Curt for the past 4+ years and he really knows his stuff! I am currently training for the New York Marathon and my husband goes to Orange Theory Fitness. Dr. Curt works closely with UW Athletics, so he's around athletes all the time, and is one himself. Our favorite part about his practice is that he does what you need and his goal is to get you better, not back in his office later in the week. We have really enjoyed our care and definitely will be back!

Maria B.

Dr. Curt is the most proactive, thorough and helpful chiropractor I have received long-lasting treatment that has effectively and efficiently kept me a strong and healthy runner. He went out of his way to help me after a car accident and was quick to follow up with me. I hope I can always receive care from Dr. Curt as he intuitively knows how to assist my body from head to toe!

Nicola T.

Dr Curt is fantastic!!! After seeing various back doctors and physical therapists, I finally decided to try chiropractic work. Curt was the first medical professional to figure out my specific issue and help me get back to running. I have seen him regularly since then. On top of being intuitive and knowledgeable, he is funny and extremely personable. I cannot recommend him enough!

Carin T.

Curt's unique knowledge and understanding of how the body works, and his systems-based approach to solving problems has contributed greatly to my recovery. In the physically demanding field of dentistry, a caring and committed team of rehab specialists is imperative for continued patient care and productivity, and I'm fortunate to have Curt in my corner. He truly is the Macgyver of Chiropractors.

Brandon W.

I do not believe that there is another Chiropractor who could have done what Curt did for our 15 year old son. Our son had a back injury that occurred 2 months before high school baseball tryouts. During those two months Curt worked with Nick on healing, strengthening, and conditioning our son's body. Not only is Curt extremely knowledgeable in what he does, he is also compassionate and caring. He continually checks in with our son, encourages him and shares the excitement as our son gets stronger each and every day. We are happy to report that our son is a starting varsity player and is stronger than he has ever been. This could not have happened without Curt.

C Johnson

Rindal Sports Chiropractic has been the best experience. Curt is knowledgeable, seasoned and efficient. He goes the extra mile to make sure you get on the right road to recovery. I highly recommend his practice and services.

Suzanne S.

Dr. Curt is my 'go to' guy for keeping fit and recovering from injury. Dr. Curt uses every variety of his learned skills to work me through recovery from shoulder and hip surgeries in the past couple years. With his skill and lots of work in the gym, I'm back competing in swimming. What I love about Dr. Curt is that he is constantly studying, learning new techniques and being creative in his craft for what works best for his patients. 5 Star guy! Go see him.

Sarah W.

I've been seeing Dr. Curt for over two years now and he has provided excellent care every visit. He is on time, listens carefully, and trats effectively! I've been out of pain and in maintenance mode for a long while now and with Dr. Curt's help plan to stay that way.

Diana Z.

Curt's knowledge and techniques are excellent and his background of working with a wide variety of athletes in various levels of competitiveness illustrates his ability to tailor the way he addresses your personal needs. He is a strong listener and has a genuine interest in your competitive and personal goals and develops a strategy to achieve them. This was demonstrated when the race he was aware I was preparing for was followed with a congratulatory email the following Monday and inquiry about how the body felt after a recent visit from calf soreness. Extra bonus points from a patient's perspective if you're a UW Huskies fan since he is an alum!

Steve D.

Dr. Curt is amazing. He gets the struggle of major and minor athletic injuries and works to help you fix the problem, not just alleviate it. Thankful to have been recommended to start seeing him and would recommend it to anyone having pain on any spectrum.

Nanna T.

Dr. Curt is amazing! I've been going to him for years to help with various running related injuries and would recommend him to anyone looking for a sports chiropractor. Dr. Curt is extremely knowledgeable, professional and also makes an effort to fit you into his schedule. He uses Graston, ART and other stretches/exercises to bring your movement to the next level. I've been to a number of different providers over the years and Dr.Curt is the best out there.

Lauren B.

Curt was our Chiro at UW and he got my body firing correctly before every football game. Guy is great and you will walk out of his office feeling MUCH BETTER.

Michael H.

I and family went to Curt Rindal for a number of injuries and in all cases he provided great care and relief. There is something special about the techniques that the uses which are very effective and we strongly recommend Curt for treatment...the best I have ever met!

Daniel S.

Dr. Curt Rindal has been a godsend. I've been seeing him for about 5 years (before he established his own practice) and he has seen me back to health through multiple injuries. My orthopedic surgeon suggested that I give Dr. Rindal a try before taking more invasive steps, and I never needed to return to the surgeon's office - Dr Curt fixed me! He also coached me on self-care to help prevent further injuries. You may be tempted to think he focuses on high performance athletes, but I'm a middle-aged non-athlete and he treats me like family. Can't say enough wonderful things about him.

Barbara S.

Curt is one of the best if not the best in addressing problems and most of time, fixing it right then and there. I’ve gone to Curt for a variety of reasons but lower back has been for most of them. Curt has wide range of knowledge and being as thorough as he is, he will use every time of correction from manual manipulation to graston to ensure that whatever pain you are having goes away. Going to anyone else feels like a step down cause I know that I won’t be getting all of what Curt does in a session. Truly could not recommend Curt enough!

Taiki G.

As an adult competitive athlete my performance is critical to my success. I would not have the success without Curt and his knowledgeable care. When I have to push my body I need it to respond and his care makes that possible when I have any small or large injuries. I believe in Curt's care and recommend him all the time.

Lisa D.

First off I can't recommend Dr. Rindal enough. He is by far, the best sports chiropractor in the business. He completely understands the benefits of being aligned, but more importantly the benefits of flexibility and mobility. Unfortunately we live in a very sedentary society. We sit on our commutes, we sit at our jobs, we sit at school, we sit to eat. We sit, sit, sit and it is terrible for our necks, shoulders, spines, hips, knees and ankles. I love Dr. Rindal's approach to ergonomics, and functional strength. I had an acute back issues in May 2017. I am also a dentist and have been for the past 15 years. As a dentist, we suffer from back, neck, spine and shoulder issues. It is a significant hazard of our jobs. I have also become deconditioned as I started a family 5 years ago. With my job, owning a business, and having a young family, exercise became an afterthought. With my acute back pain, which was severe spasms and pain, Dr. Rindal helped me get through it. But more importantly, he pushed me to get back to exercising again. He referred me to an excellent trainer, whom specializes in mobility and functional strength. This has allowed me to be pain free and have the functional strength and flexibility to enjoy my children and practice pain free. Dr. Rindal is part of my wellness team and I try to see him every 6 weeks. I cannot recommend him enough.

Paul A.

Curt is absolutely wonderful. He has an incredible technique and can address all kinds of issues in very little time.

Valerie M.

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Curt! I have been seeing him for 3 years. I am a 49 year old active mom with my fair share of failing parts. He has been instrumental in keeping me active. I original sought Dr. Curt out for arthritis in my hip from a labrum repair that was causing me lots of pain and limping. He quickly got the right muscles firing and me out of pain. He works on my neck, my back, my knees, etc. He is not a regular chiro - definitely more geared towards active people and athletes with lots of treatment methods and exercises . He is also working on my 14 year old son who had a shoulder injury from baseball and also swims year round. As for his personality - he is the best, super friendly, very open and really a joy to see. I feel so much better after I leave - thank you Dr. Curt!!!!

Michelle B.

Curt is a pro! He's helped me with chronic pain in my arms and back; helped me regain my health!

Justin H.