For your treatment to be effective you have to understand where the area of dysfunction is, not soley focus on the area of pain. Seeing where pain is presenting is helpful for many injuries, but a lot of the time does not address the root cause. Dr. Rindal addresses the whole body during the exam procedure to understand where areas of dysfunction are coming from, so that a plan can be put in place to stabilize it. The exam procedure focuses on understanding overall mobility, palpation of areas of complaint, muscle activation and functional movement.
For example, a very common area of complaint is lower back pain. Many individuals experience lower back pain over the course of their lives and there are many different ways to treat it. Often the source of pain lies in problems occurring in the ankles, hips, or upper back. By performing tests which require the entire body to turn, bend, and rotate through space, we can understand which joints are restricted, muscles that are tight or inhibited, and movement patterns that need to be addressed. Treatment can then be focused on the areas of dysfunction allowing the body to stabilize and heal.
A new patient visit is approximately 60 minutes to allow for a thorough history, exam, and treatment. Treatment typically includes a combination of Active Release Techniques ®, chiropractic adjustments (spinal, and/or extremity), IASTM and exercises.


A follow-up visit is either 15 minutes (Follow-Up Visit) or 30 minutes (Follow-Up Extended Visit) and includes a combination of Active Release Techniques®, chiropractic adjustments (spinal, and/or extremity), IASTM and exercises depending on phase of treatment.


A tank top/shirt and shorts is preferred and most conducive to any area of the body you are being seen for. It is equally important to be changed and ready to go before your appointment. For your convenience, restrooms are available both before and after your appointment if needed.